To the left you will find links to some of my personal favorite pet-friendly businesses. These are some of the best, most trusted resources for pet owners in the Decatur and East Atlanta area. Be sure to tell them Sharon sent you and check back often for updates to the list!
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Preparing Your Home and Pet for Pet Sitting

Preparing Your Pet
• Put ID tags on each of pet
• Ensure there is adequate food and other supplies for the duration of your
• Provide outdoor pets with plenty of water, shelter, and a secure enclosure
• Let your pet-sitter know where all necessary items, including leashes, are kept
• If you have a carrier for your pet, let the sitter know where it is stored
• If your pet is on medication, please alert the sitter ahead of time
• Leave detailed written instructions on how to administer any medications
• Leave toys for your pet to play with while you're away
• Let your vet know you'll be away and that a pet-sitter will be caring for your pet
• Sign and complete the veterinary release form given to you by your sitter

Preparing Your Home
• Show your pet-sitter around the home and let her know which rooms, if any,
  are off limits to your pet
• Inform your pet-sitter of anything that may be out of the ordinary (sinks that
  don't drain, toilets that overflow, doors that stick, etc.)
• Show your pet-sitter where the thermostat is and how to operate it. Be sure to
  leave it set at a comfortable temperature for your pets while you're gone.
• Let your pet-sitter know if anyone will be in your home while you're gone. Due
  to safety concerns, many sitters will not enter a home if someone is in the
  home and they have not been informed
• For dogs that stay outdoors, secure the yard and lock any gates
• Keep dangerous plants and valuable decorations out of your pet's reach
• Place cleaning supplies where they will be easily accessible if needed
• If you rent, please give your sitter the landlord's contact info in case of an
  emergency, and vice versa
• If your sitter's first visit will be after dark, be sure to leave a light on

Contact Information
• E-mail or call your sitter with details on how to contact you while you're away.
  Leaving it on your kitchen counter will be pointless if your sitter is unable to
  enter your home
• If you will be unable to be contacted while you're gone, leave the name and
  number of an emergency contact with your pet-sitter

Metro Pet Network

Doggie Daycare
Rex & Roxy's

2593 Lawrenceville Hwy.
Decatur, GA 30033

Pet Stores
Intown Healthy Hound & City Kitty
753 B Cherokee Avenue
Atlanta, GA

Park Pet Supply
479-A Flat Shoals Avenue
Atlanta, GA

Compassionate Care Mobile Vet
Dr. Karen Jordan

Pet Cremation
Paws, Whiskers & Wags
Christine Hunsaker, owner

Dog Training
Jabula Dog Academy
144 S. Columbia Drive
Decatur, GA 30033
Sitting with Sharon, LLC
678.358.7732 •